The Premium Predictions are the best bets I can find for those who want to win consistently.

premium predictions

what’s included

Various categories for different preferences. Single bets, Stake 10, live bets, scratch cards, jackpots, and more to come. Stay tuned.

bonus bet

By registering with one of the bookmakers I have a partnership with, you are entitled to earn bonuses every week. From Thursday to Saturday we can win €100 risk-free from each bookmaker. In this category, bets will be released on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for each bookmaker.

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Premium predictions

Information is power, and that’s always been my motto. Many studies and many statistics are behind all the predictions in the premium category. They are simple bets with odds between 1.6 and 1.9, in pre-game and with a high probability of green.

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Live predictions

You don’t even need to watch the hundreds of games that are taking place on Saturday. I make that effort for you, and I present you with the tips with the highest value and probability of green. Odds generally are around 1.7 and 2
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Extremely difficult, but in my opinion, most likely than the lottery. It’s to play for fun, with one coin only for bet slips with odds of approximately +100. One day you will see…
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More likely than the jackpot but equally for fun. Bets with odds between 3 and 10, with odds 10 being my favourites.

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One of my favourite categories. Have you ever thought that we can convert a coin into a banknote in just 3 or 4 accurate all-in bets?
Do you want to try?

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Stake 10

In this category, you will find the bets with the highest degree of confidence of all. All Stake 10 are free for premium members.



What if I give you a list every day with the most relevant statistics of goals, both teams to score, goals at half-time, draws and a list with fair odds vs market odds? All data at your hands.

Solution parlays

Betting Systems

If you identify somebody who’s consistently winning, they have most likely developed a method for themselves to qualify upcoming games. So do we 💪 and you can learn our secrets too 👍


Willing to take the next step in your betting without breaking the bank? A well-placed bet can give you access to the VIP for an entire year.

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Why subscribing?

Most people lose their money or break their bankroll betting on every “opportunity” they find. That’s the big mistake we don’t make in Premium Predictions. Every bet placed has a complete analysis 📊 from a professional Tipster.


Do I win everything? Of course not. And beware of those who say they win it all.

In betting, you need a lot of control, specifically emotional control, when you lose 🤬


I have a lot of respect for your money. I always assume that you follow all the published bets (I know it’s not true). So when I post a bet on the premium, I think and rethink what I’m doing several times.

Remember, gambling is only a problem if you lose, and that’s not our problem 💪


Did I mention that you don’t waste any time analysing games? That work is all done by a Professional Tipster based on statistical data. The emotional control 🎮 I already have, and last but not least, it’s all free. Free premium sports betting service. What else do you want from me 🤷‍♂️


I can’t play for you 🤣🤣🤣 if that’s what you are thinking 🤣


Furthermore, you will be given statistics every month for all betting sections to keep track of your wins and losses over a given month.

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