Professional Tipster in Sports Betting



I want to help those looking for an extra source of income through betting but who don’t know how to invest their money. I want to win with you all and share my knowledge in sports betting.



My education is in statistics, and I soon realized that numbers could show us patterns, trends that we can use to calculate forecasts. This is the basis of my bets and what I offer you all. Bets with arguments.



My daily mission is to withdraw as much money from the bookmaker as they do to all of us. They have millions. So, why not change the terms and take it from their bank and put it in our pockets.

Betting with Arguments

Information is power. Period.

This will ALWAYS be the foundation of every bet I offer you. I do not believe in betting on “everything that moves”, on feelings or any other type of methodology that is not based on data (quantitative and qualitative).


Everything is seen in detail. Statistics of the players, teams, current form, corners, cards (average of cards of the referee of the game as well), to provide you with the best bet with a low risk-benefit ratio.

The final result of bets based on qualitative and quantitative data is what I hope to be able to offer you, and this is called greens


I dedicate a lot of my time analysing data to find the best tips for you.

I spend hours analysing data. You spend 5 minutes copying and pasting the tips. I think it’s fair enough that you, at least, offer me one breakfast a month 💪

  • Respect for you and your money
  • I’m not better than anyone
  • Humble above all
  • Today I win, tomorrow I can lose, but I never Give Up.
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Gambling is only a problem if you Lose!

I’m not going to promise you fortunes. I can only promise you a lot of work, dedication, respect for you and your money.